the sixth ubiquitous page

The Sixth Ubiquitous Page.


I am tiny.
Here I am, all alone in the big wide Everything, can you see me?
I can not see you, either.

This is the blue light that flashes when the Corrugator is about
to begin its cycle. They also turn it on when one of us
is caught, to call the others to watch the death.
It is not on in this picture, for which I am thankful.

At the top of the stairs was a door.
The door was open.
Outside the door was...

How does one describe Everything? Is it right to describe only the Sky, which I had never seen? Is it enough to describe just the Sky; that thing that was so vast that I cowered on the Floor like a Box Person and wept? I think that is what I must do, whether it is right or wrong, because nothing has ever made me think of Everything as much as the Sky does.
I have seen many pictures of the Sky on the internet. The pictures do not make you feel like a bug.
When I saw the Sky for the first time, I felt like a bug.

I looked out the door, and this is what I saw:

The Sky was full of Clouds, which looked to me very heavy and fluffy. I thought for a moment that they were going to come down all at once and smother me. Then the world turned inside-out to me and I thought that I would instead fall into the Sky if I stepped out the door. Then I did not know what to think at all. It was possibly the most confusing moment of my life, although there is much of my life that I no longer remember.
I cowered on the Floor for a moment more.
Then I decided that I was going out on to the Roof, to see this adventure through.
I took a deep breath of the Glue to steady my nerves, and rose up on my feet like a person of the Floor, to go out beneath the dreadful Sky.
It was then that I passed out from the Glue and the dread, and fell to the Floor at the top of the Stairtower.

I dreamed of cold.
That is what I remember first; the cold in my dream like the cold of the Floor at night in the Winter.
I was on the metal grating of an empty air-conditioning housing that was mounted on the wall against the Ceiling, and I was very small. Cold air was blowing in through the hole in the wall behind us. There was a skirt next to me, a skirt that I knew belonged to Mother. I wrapped myself up in the skirt to escape the cold. Mother's hairy legs stuck out beneath the skirt and I clung to them, because we were up high, higher than I had ever been before.
"Hush, child", whispered a voice next to me, Mother's voice, "or we will be heard and taken away."

In the dream I looked down, and there were people on the Floor of the Big Place where we had been living, our place.
I could not contain myself, but whispered fiercely to Mother; "Who are they? Why are we hiding from them? This is our place!"
Mother whispered back, "Child, this is not our place. We do not have a place. We only use the ones no one wants. Now someone wants this place. They are making this place a Factory again, and there will be no room for us here. We must leave."

"Why?" I asked her then, "Why must we leave? I am so tired of moving, Mama! We can hide up here, and they will never see us! Why can't we just stay up here?"
Mother looked around us, and then down at the people on the Floor, who were tossing a full box of donuts into the trash can on their way out the door.

"Perhaps we can stay for a while and see if it works out," she said.

Then the cold came in through the hole again, and my dreams turned to simple dreams of cold. I dreamed that I was cold, and that then a warmth spread over me, and then I remember nothing more.

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At the end of the fearsome Corrugator lies a tangled jumble of evil machinery. It is here that the Glue is born.

This is the Glue, churning and bubbling with the joy of life.
Is it not beautiful?.