the fourth ubiquitous page

The Fourth Ubiquitous Page.

This page is possibly about us.
The Light, the Light! It became all I thought about; I could not sleep, and the Glue had lost its savor. I resolved to make the dangerous journey to the roof, to find the source of the Light. I knew the way; I know everything about our world, every little secret and dark corner. There was a Stairtower that I would have to travel to, past many dangers such as the Crushmachine, the Corrugator, and the Office. It was going to be very tricky to do, because I had noticed that the Light was only there during the daytime, when the Box People were all slaving away in bitterness and rage. I was frightened of this; they are so angry and cruel!
But that was not the worst part. To reach the Stairtower, I would have to journey through a place where the Ceiling was low, and would not hide me.

I would have to cross this place on the Floor.

On the night before I made my journey, I bathed in the Handfountain, scrubbing my body down with the harsh, white Powdersoap. I did not want the Box People to catch my scent as I crept through the dark corners of their domain. I ate more of the Vendfood than usual, and took a sandwich and a bottle of Iced Tea for the journey. The other Ceiling People looked on with disapproval; we try not to take too much from the Vendfood Place, so that we remain undetected.
I stared them in the eyes, and told them where I was going.
They were frightened then, and scampered away.
When morning came and the Light burst once again from the center of the Ceiling in the Shipping Area, that high, empty place where we cannot go (there is nowhere to hide there), I was waiting at the edge of the Low Place. The Box People were there, snarling as they beat the colored buttons and yanked the levers of their Machines. I slipped down a column while nobody was looking, all the way to the Floor.
I quickly slunk behind a barrel, shaking with dread. The Box People were so close!
I began to think that I had been foolish to go on this quest; I thought that I would soon get caught and fed to the Machine That Eats You. I wept, then, for all the lost dreams that the glue would not bring me if I was dead.
I opened my can of glue and breathed deep, as the Corrugator began its deafening cycle.
I do not know what happened, but in that moment, the hammering of my heart became one with the pounding of the Machines, and I became brave. I slipped into the open, and quickly took this picture:

Then I slipped past the Office, into the shadow of the mighty Corrugator.
From there, it was only a few short steps to the Crushmachine Room.
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This is the Corrugator. Fear it; it is mighty!

This is the Crushmachine. It is very dangerous. If you get too close to it, it will eat you. I stayed far from it when I crossed the Crushmachine Room, on my way to the Stairtower.