The Second Ubiquitous Page.
This Page is all about me.
At midnight we come down from the Ceiling.
The last of the Box People leaves at eleven-thirty, but we must wait until midnight, just to be sure. Sometimes one of them forgets something, and comes back unexpectedly.

We drop from the Ceiling; pale, grimy ghosts flitting through the dimness of the emergency lights, to shit and piss and eat and (once in a great while) bathe, for we cannot do this during the day. I also play with the computers in the office. There is a digital camera in one of the desks that nobody ever uses (except me). It is why you are seeing this page.

This is the Vendfood Place.
It is where we draw our sustenance, other than the glue.
It is quite nourishing, if you can remove the back panels from the machines to get at it.

This is the Corrugated Forest. The Cardboard Trees are very tall and treacherous,
but if you are agile, you can use them to get from the Ceiling to the Floor and back again.
I have done it many times.
This is the view across our world. It is what I first saw when I arrived here on the truck from the paper mill, so long ago that I cannot remember what it was like. I watch the trucks go away full of boxes, to legendary places like Armstrong, and DuPont, and Sara Lee, and I wonder what it would be like to sneak aboard a truck with the boxes, going the way I came.

But I will not go. Those places do not have the glue.