On July 6th, 2016, after more than a year of incapacitating illness, I requested an amicable divorce in writing from my wife, because she had, during our brief courtship and marriage, deceived me about nearly every significant part of her past, and because of her continuing verbal assaults and gaslighting. An emotionally and verbally abusive manipulator with a history of pathological lies, she had spent nearly the entire year of my illness abusing me and my older son, and I had finally had enough.

At the time, I also requested she form an exit strategy that allowed successful and equal co-parenting of our one-year-old son, but I was soon to discover that she had other plans.

But my illness had progressed to the point where I required hospitalization, and then emergency heart surgery. I had lost my job of 3 years due to my health issues, and although she had money, she refused to spend it on our family's needs, because she was plotting her departure across the country to her parents' house in Oregon.

On July 20, 2016, I was released by the hospital into the care of my wife. I was in an extremely weak, fragile state from this very invasive surgery, and, knowing this, she assaulted me physically on the way home, while also threatening my life.

When I arrived home, I was unable to care for myself during the first few weeks of my recovery, but my wife abandoned me, took our son, and moved into a hotel, only coming to the house to pack her things while I lay unconscious in bed.

On my 8th day home from the hospital, while I was still very weak and very fragile, she planted marijuana in the house, went to the police station, and had me arrested for it. She also then claimed that I was abusive, and a physical danger to her and the baby, which wasn't even medically possible, even if I had been the abuser instead of her.

I was taken to the hospital before being taken to jail because of my condition, and was not permitted to return home to recover my medication and phone upon my release. I discovered that my wife, knowing that the legal system is set up to act on unsupported allegations of abuse by men, had conspired with my older son's mother to tear our family apart. She had also taken some of my pain medication, and had erased most of our text exchanges from my phone, in order to suppress incriminating evidence against her.

My sons loved each other, but were forced apart for the next two months. My wife fled to Oregon, and had to be compelled to come back to Pennsylvania by court order.

Since that time, I've been fighting legal battles on numerous fronts, and although, due to the genrosity of many people, I've managed to bring our little family back together for all-too-brief periods of custody, the legal funds have now run out, and I need immeidiate representation for the final fight to pull our struggling family back together.

I have, along the way, found that roadblocks exist to men who have been abused by women; not only legal ones, but social and cultural ones that have made our struggle all the harder and more expensive. This system of ours is set up to cater to women who have been abused by men, to the point where false, unfounded allegations against men can be made, and have the full weight of the court behind them from the start, but when true allegations of abuse by women against men occurs, absolutely nothing is done in support of the abused party.

I'm a good dad, and a good person. I've never abused anyone. My sons love each other, and they love me, and I've got hours of witness testimony, video and pictures to prove it. At my wife's request, I and my home have been investigated over and over by Children and Youth Services, with every allegation being labeled as unfounded. Repeatedly filing false reports of child abuse is in fact a crime, and I've reported my wife for it, offering the evidence I've collected, but nobody is doing anything about it without my own legal team to push for enforcement of the law. My wife not only assaluted and threatened me while I was weak, but also committed numerous crimes that I have direct evidence of, and have reported to local law enforcement, yet nothing is being done.

The worst part of it all is that, while this is going on, the unfounded, un-provable allegations that my wife is making are being taken as gospel by courts and law enforcement, even when they have direct proof in their hands to the contrary.

This has been a more expensive process than I ever would have believed, and I need help to ensure that 3 people who love each other, and who belong together, are not torn apart by a narcissistic sociopath and the crimes she's committed in the name of fulfilling her selfish desires.

What my opposition wants has nothing to do with what's best for my kids. It never has. 

Please help them, and help me, save our family.


Thank you.