I've almost arrived at the goal of having my children returned; I've had periods of partial custody with both of them by now, but it's not full custody yet. It looks increasingly likely that, on top of everything I've spent on legal representation so far, long, drawn-out hearings will be necessary for both children to be fully returned to me.

Since the cases of the opposition basically amount to a number of false allegations, lies, and distortions of the truth, it shouldn't be too difficult to prove them wrong. However, it will be expensive and time-consuming.

It's not time to celebrate, yet, and though I hope that time is approaching, I don't want to tempt Fate with overconfidence. Do you know what I mean?

I'm not sure, at this point, whether or not my wife is actually insane, or just a vile person. Perhaps she is both. I can't stand the thought of the baby being subjected to the kinds of manipulation she put me through as he grows up; he's only a child, and it would mess him up, probably for life. Plus, the one time that I was weak enough, and in her power enough, for her to physically abuse me, she did so almost immediately, in a fit of anger, putting the baby in danger as she did so. I'm not willing to take the chance that she will react differently with my son when he angers or frustrates her as a child or adolescent.

But the bills are mounting, and a full-on custody battle runs into the tens of thousands of dollars almost at the drop of a hat. Since this is a publicly available website that the other parties in this legal battle are almost certainly monitoring, I'm not going to tip my hand by disclosing financial details, but let's just say that donations are welcome, and will be accepted until further notice. So if you'd like to contribute to my legal fund, please click on the button at the top of this page.

Thank you.