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Last Update: 07 March 2003


Welcome back. is a very old site. It was discontinued in late 2003, when the word "blog" was coined, which caused me to abandon the entire concept of a personal website in disgust.

An extremely minimalist work, it was written in Notepad, using HTML so simple and spartan that even CSS was not necessary.
As you can see, it was a rather ugly site, but in the estimation of several thousand former readers, there was much about it to love, and for that reason, I will be rebuilding most of the original site over the next few months, page by page, image by image, fixing and gently updating (to a certain point) all the code along the way. Also, certain pages and features that were never finished will be completed, exactly as I intended to complete them at the time they were first written. So if you remember stories like Sonny's Nude Crackhouse Café, or Foreigner, and have been wondering how they turned out in the end, the closure you've wanted for 15 years and counting is not far off now, I promise.

As I rebuild the site, new links will appear, and broken ones will be fixed. At the moment, fittingly enough, only the crudest and oldest work,
The Ubiquitous Pages, have been restored, but other pieces will follow as fast as I can make them happen.

Many things have changed about the internet since went offline, but one thing that hasn't changed is the necessity of paying for hosting, and the cost of the time the author invests in the work. Another thing that hasn't changed is the brutal, ugly invasiveness of the ads that seem to be the only viable way to keep the lights on, so to speak.

I'm going to keep my reaction to that reality the same, though; didn't have ads then, and it's not going to have them now. My art may be broken in spots, and harsh and ugly in others, but by God, it is fucking clean.

But if you liked the site then, and/or like it now, and you'd like to help out, you can make a donation. And if you're here because you've heard about my recent troubles, and would like to help me out with those, you can go to a separate donation page to read the story and contribute to my cause, and that of my children.

But whether or not you've got the money to spare, or the desire to spare it, welcome to the first age of the internet. For those of you who were around at the time, it is sure to bring back some memories...fond, or otherwise.
For those of you who weren't even born then, I'm sure it will be at least good for a laugh or two.

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