And now begins the long slog towards getting my kids back.

Towards divorce. Towards the final separation of myself and my wife.

It does not look good for my wife at this moment, but this knowledge gives me no peace.

I am sad.
We loved each other, once.

We were a team once; facing the world together. Now we are two people, on opposite sides of the country, on opposite sides of a courtroom, fighting over the child, and the remaining scraps of our life together.

Sure, she lied. Sure, she betrayed me. Sure, she made a fairly successful attempt to destroy my life.

But at one time, not too long ago, we loved each other. Or so I thought.

I grieve for the dead dream. I grieve for the hopes that I must now lay to rest. I grieve for my son, who faces a life without two loving parents in his home.

And inside me, in that quiet place where I face the truths of my self and my life, I must reckon with the knowledge that even if I win, everybody loses.

Except for the lawyers.